A Big Papi Christmas

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A Big Papi Christmas

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and playing baseball never interfered since it is the offseason, so I got to plan it out big! Whether I’m in the Dominican or in Boston, I have memories that I will always cherish.

Being with my family is a big part of my Christmas memories. I go home to the Dominican for my charity event and see everyone, and then I get to come back with my wife and kids and celebrate the holiday here. It reminds us a lot of our families, I know Tiffany remembers her Mom during the holidays and all of the tradition she passed on to her, that she now pass on to our kids. In the Dominican, Christmas is a big holiday, but Three Kings Day is really important for us. I always try to go down there for that to celebrate. Three Kings Day is in January and we give out gifts then, too. The three gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh, represent a lot of things. It carries a lot of tradition and its sort of how we end our holiday season. We have a biiiiiiiiiig feast, no one works, and we celebrate.

When we’re in the Dominican we always have so much fun! My whole family comes down for the golf event at the beginning of the month, so that’s sort of like our tradition. Every year, my wife decorates the tree and she never forgets this old box from the basement that has all the little handmade ornaments my kids made since they were little and a lot from her childhood. We never forget to put those up. The decorations of the house and the tree I give all the credit to my wife, Tiffany, on how it looks so great every year!

Tiffany is the best at this. So I go to my home in the Dominican in November, and when I come back she has the house looking like the north pole. She handles everything- she even gets all the kids in the car and goes to Russell’s and get the tree herself! She’s from Wisconsin, and she’s a pro. We usually have two trees. One in the living room and one in the family room. There’s even an ornament from our first Christmas together in 2001. On top of the tree, I put an angel, for my mom Angela, because she is always watching over me and my family.

When I’m in Boston there is usually one thing that always makes me know it’s Christmas time. The snow! It’s so cold, man. The snow is beautiful though, we have a big backyard with a lot of trees and when they are all covered in white it’s really a great scene.

When the family comes over we go all out in the kitchen! We have a lot of food, I mean a lot a lot a lot of food. Food and my family is what makes every Christmas a huge success. I’m sure that’s the key to everyone’s great Christmas.

I would like to wish all of my fans and anyone reading this a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Whatever you celebrate, I hope you spend it with the people you love.

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