Congratulations Red Sox! World Champs!

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Congratulations Red Sox! World Champs!

I am so proud of these guys. All year long they stuck with it and fought the good fight. But you know, this ball club was blessed from day one. I can remember going to Spring Training and watching how everybody got along and how they had each other’s backs.

I am not surprised at all that they were able to win the World Series.

Before the playoffs, I said that starting pitching was the key to a successful postseason run. I think David Price helped prove me right Sunday night in Game 5.

I went to the clubhouse earlier in the day and there were three guys there. I am talking about way early; not just kind of early. But even then, there were three guys there-- the manager, Alex Cora, J.D Martinez was getting treatment, and David Price sitting in his locker and he was already locked in.
I told the guys during the pre-game show that David was in beast mode and to look out.

Congratulations to Steve Pearce on being named MVP; you earned it, buddy. Picking an MVP for the World Series is hard because so many guys contribute. But I think he was a good choice. He did put the team on his back.

Once again, I just want to say congratulations to the Red Sox on winning the World Series. What a great way to end such a great season.

World Champs!

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