Fan Q&A with David Ortiz

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Fan Q&A with David Ortiz


How hard was it to decide to retire and have you thought about coming back? -Noah Weatherell

Knew someone would ask! No way I’m coming back. My decision to retire was because my body needed a break, and I think I ended on a pretty good streak right? Ha ha.


What's for lunch, Papi? -Eric Ingalls

What you want me to say mofongo??


Whats your favorite thing to put your salsa on?! -Glenn Hawthorne

My Big Papi’s Kitchen tortilla chips!


What was your favorite moment with the Redsox? -Keith Eaton



In your opinion, who was the best player you played with during your years with the Boston Red Sox and why? -Chris Shaw

The best player is hard to decide. I play with a lot of good guys. My boy Manny, Pedro, they were some smart and crazy players but it worked. I have to give some shout out to my little guy Pedey, nobody work harder than him man.


What is your favorite place to eat in Boston? -Brian Edwards 

I like to go to Strega…my boy Nick hooks it up. I don’t know if you been there but they have these meatballs…man that stuff is gooooood.


Do you want to come over and drink some beer and watch the games? -Michael Barnes Jr.

I’m a whiskey guy, Johnny Walker…Blue Label only. You got some of that?


I have always loved the 1-2 punch of you and Manny Ramirez. What was your favorite thing about playing with Manny and do you have a favorite memory or story about Manny? -Michael Niemiec

Stories stay in the club house my man 😉


Have you ever considered running for political office? -Michael McGuire

Papi for President!


Will you give a pep talk to the team before the gam? Always worked when you were playing. -Linda Underwood Colucci

I always talk to my guys on the field, we talk before game, after game, all the time. They don’t need me in there, they got me in their heads. They know what Papi would say.


David, you were a fantastic hitter. Did you “guess” on the pitch type knowing the pitchers tendencies, or could you immediately recognize it when it left the hand? -Pete Krane 

I wish it was that simple, but I had an advantage because I knew they didn’t wanna throw me fastballs…my hands were too fast. I obviously would read into the scouting reports based off the pitcher but I would sit on the breaking ball a lot. It’s very complicated, but I was absolutely obsessed with hitting. My hands, my eyes, my feet, I was working 24/7 as a DH on perfecting my swing. It’s funny though, because I watch baseball now on the couch and I say to myself, ‘how the hell did I use to do that so well?’


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