David Ortiz Hilarious Reaction To A-Rod's Yankee Prank

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David Ortiz Hilarious Reaction To A-Rod's Yankee Prank

October is the time to dress up in your spookiest costumes. But there is one outfit that David Ortiz won't abide: A Yankees jacket. 

After the FS1 postgame show following the Yankees' 5-0 victory over the Astros in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series presented by Camping World, Ortiz, A-Rod and the rest of the hosts were hanging out. That's when the CEO of A-Rod Corp saw his opportunity: He snuck behind the slugger, who was busy listening to something on his earbuds (we're guessing it was a Girl Talk-esque mix of radio calls of his homers) and wrapped his Yankees jacket around the former DH's shoulders. 

When Ortiz realized that A-Rod wasn't concerned about his warmth, but was instead trying to rile up all of Red Sox Nation, he leapt into action: 

Watch out, A-Rod, or you may end up with one of these in bed a la "The Godfather." 
Source: MLB | Michael Clair | October 18, 2017
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