Watch David Ortiz spray champagne all over Alex Rodriguez in a Red Sox uniform

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Watch David Ortiz spray champagne all over Alex Rodriguez in a Red Sox uniform

Before the Yankees-Red Sox ALDS, David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez made their predictions for the series on the set of the Fox Sports pregame show. It went exactly as you would think, because of both personal allegiances and the necessity of good television. 

Ortiz, one hand clad with his three World Series rings and a fourth for being the 2013 World Series MVP plus a Boston helmet on his head, chose the Red Sox with the only-like-Papi-can logic “we won over 200 games” this year. A Rod chose the Yankees, confident in his prediction as he sat a seat over from Ortiz in a sharp gray suit and a fresh hair cut.



As part of that predictions segment the two former rivals made a bet. Whoever’s team lost would wear the other team’s jersey as the winner poured champagne on them. It’s as college dorm-esque a bet as you’ll find on national television but who doesn’t want to watch that happen?

n Friday night, after NLDS Game 1 between the Brewers and Dodgers, the bet’s pay off happened. The Red Sox, as we know by now, won and advanced to play the Astros in the ALCS. So it would be Ortiz doing the pouring and Rodriguez wearing a Sox jersey, and Ortiz celebrated that fact with his favorite phrase in a pre-game clip: Thaaaaaa Yankees Lose! 

Champagne was on ice and the only thing in the way of it all going down was a 6-5 Brewers win in Milwaukee. Ortiz led up to his big moment with an emphatic “that’s making me thirsty” as the camera cut to the bucket of champagne before one commercial, and by pointing at A Rod and saying “youuuu’re gonna get it!” in anticipation of the bet’s payoff. 

When it finally happened, oh was it worth the wait. Seeing Alex Rodriguez in a full Red Sox uniform is something you can never forget, a true gift.



Papi sang a few notes of “Sweet Caroline” and before Ortiz had the chance to pop open the champagne A Rod ripped open his jersey to reveal a Yankees jersey underneath and put a New York hat on so he wasn’t so sartorially compromised.



“Uno mas! Uno mas!” Ortiz clearly relished winning the bet, and so did we watching it happen.


Source: SBnation | Whitney McIntosh | October 13, 2018 

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