David Ortiz: The Big Papi Story

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David Ortiz: The Big Papi Story

*Warning: Explicit language*


"The marathon is part of us, it’s part of what we are. How do you feel when somebody is f*cking with your sh*t? Someone is messing with what we work for each day. Somebody is messing with the freedom that we fight for through history, somebody was trying to put fear amongst us.

…When the bombing goes down and the terrorist attack goes down you just want to stay at home, you don’t want to go anywhere. So I’m watching tv, I’m watching everything go down and a lot of anger…when you see an 8 year old kid lose his life and you have an eight year old in your house running around and just feel every single memory of your life experience, just watching him doing things…and all of a sudden you just a hear a child who had nothing to do with that ended up losing his life because of this dumb f*ck who came in and tried to do something stupid. It just makes you angry.

To be honest with you I wasn’t even expecting me to go out and say anything, it was out of nowhere, “hey just you are the guy who has been here the longest, you are the face of this franchise, why don’t you go out there and say something to the fans.” Two minutes before. It wasn’t scripted. It was me, who I am, I’m pretty sure anybody in the stands that was feeling what I was feeling at the time would have done what I did.

That’s what America has taught me, that’s what I learned since I walked into this country. This country gives you that freedom- this country gives you that kind of life for you to express yourself. I come from a country where we have to fight for our freedom just like it happened here and when you get that you don’t want to let nobody mess with that. I didn’t just come from the Dominican that day and they hand me a microphone and here try to make these people feel better, make these people feel better, no, I was here watching the whole thing. I saw a Blackhawk fly by my house, I feel the fear, you got to stay at home ‘cause you can face a shooting, that’s not freedom…

After that moment the whole season went perfect like I don’t think I have been on a ballclub that doesn’t have many superstars playing that good in a season even in 2004, 2007, 2003. No, the whole season it was just punches coming from different directions and we just kicked ass that season, but everything began after the marathon bombing. It was like the motivation was there every day like we got to do something. You have the season the way it went down and then you have the parade going all around the city and when I got to the finish line and I saw the trophy right there I got goosebumps, like my whole body almost went numb, your memory just starts shifting back and bringing those memories back, it was remarkable. "


Source: Cadence13 | The Players Tribune


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