Thoughts On Being Retired Q&A

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Thoughts On Being Retired Q&A

How has retirement been treating you this past year?

The first year I retired it was a lot of learning… I took a lot of time to relax and be with my family and also decide how what I wanted my next steps to be. This year I have been working really hard on my businesses, I have my wine label Arias, my TV show, my venture capital, Dugout Ventures, and it’s really just a lot for me to learn. I’m almost busier now than I was before, but this time it’s more me calling the shots.


How does the retired life compare to life in the pros?

Its so different. You can’t really compare them. Being on a team you are always with your teammates, you really become a family. You have some of your highest and lowest points in your career with those people. I definitely miss that… but I’m so proud of them and I love watching my team every season even if its on the TV now instead of from the dugout.


What is your favorite/most fun thing you’ve done since you’ve retired?

I think I have to say spending more time with my kids and filming my TV show Big Papi Needs a Job. My kids are all really grown up now so it’s cool to be around them and we have a good connection, and any parent will tell you that you learn so many new things about them as they grow. Doing the TV show was cool because I got to try new things, I think my favorite was being a fireman. Maybe if I weren’t a baseball player I would have done that.


What is your favorite place to vacation?

My country. When I bring my family down to see all my family in the DR, everyone is relaxed, we go to the water, on the boats, eat great food, have a good time. I feel very complete and relaxed when I can have all my family around me.


What do you do to stay busy? Do you plan on staying involved with the Red Sox organization?

At first… all I wanted was to relax. I had been so busy for the past 20 years, so scheduled… be here now, do this, do that, I was busy man. So when I retired, I made sure I take some time for just me and some time for my family. Now I think I had enough time to relax. I think I’m naturally a person who wants to be busy, and don’t get me wrong I like to chill, but I am so excited about learning new things and being more a part of my businesses. Some people retire and live in the country, but that ain’t me man… I like to work.

I’m currently on the Sox and overseeing a few things, its great to be involved and still feel a part of the team. Fenway will always be like home to me and I’m glad I get to help out my guys.

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