What the Dodgers Need to do

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What the Dodgers Need to do

As a Boston guy, I love that my Red Sox won both World Series games in Boston and will be taking a 2-0 lead into game three in Los Angeles. That makes me happy. But as a fan of the game and an analyst, I want to see the best games possible. I want a competitive World Series.

We haven’t had one so far—but that could change.

The only thing that I feel that would save the Dodgers’ playoff run, all the way to the end, is to stop playing that in-and-out game they have with the lineup. They haven’t been able to produce, and then, when they have the opportunity or one of those guys have had the opportunity to produce, they have to be coming off the bench — all cold.

That’s a situation that I don’t agree with.

I understand that a lot of guys are into analytics now and want to play to the matchups and stuff. But when you are playing in the World Series, you need your best guys on the field. Maybe, if they had been in a slump, I could see sitting one or two of them.

But we are talking about the guys that got you to the World Series. You have to let them play.

Most of the time, teams that win games one and two go on to win it all—and I am okay with that. But seeing a more competitive World Series would be good for baseball.

Boston is going to win whether they get the sweep or not, and that’s all that matters…



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